St. Patrick's Higher Secondary School, Asansol


Sola Nobilitas Virtus

Nobility Is the Sole Virtue

St. Patrick's Higher Secondary School, Asansol

St. Patrick's School, named after the patron saint of Ireland, is located in Asansol, about 200 km from Kolkata. It was originally built in 1877 as a Scholasticate (Study House) for the Belgian Jesuits. However, the premises were abandoned by them because of the severe Asansol climate, but later taken over by the Christian Brothers in 1891 and opened as St. Patrick's boarding for Anglo- Indian and European Boys. Presently, St Patrick's is a day school, following the ICSE & ISC Syllabus, with about 1800+ students and has begun enrolling girls in classes 11 & 12 from 2009. Since 2002, Nayi Disha, an educational project for disadvantaged children (5-12 years of age) was adopted by the School community of St. Patrick's.