St. Mary's High School, Mt. Abu


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St. Mary's High School, Mt. Abu

Established as Mount Abu Railway School on July 2, 1887 and then handed over to the Christian Brothers by the Government of India in 1929, St. Mary's High School has a longstanding eco-centered tradition. Br. G.A Cooney, J.S Jokim and P.C Hart were the first 3 Brothers who took upon themselves the Herculean task of running a school amidst the dense forests of the Aravali Hills. St. Mary's is primarily a boarding school for students from Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan with many a legendary Brother spending a large part of his life here. More than the class-rooms, it was and still is the jungle walks, the sports field and the extra-curricular activities where the students of this school learn to become men. 'The Bal Vidhya Mandir', an outreach program of the school, caters to the educational needs of the children of its support staff and of the neighbouring village.