St. Joseph's College & St. George's Free School, Kolkata


Viriliter Age

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St. Joseph's College, Kolkata

In 1830, a free school was established for the Goan community in Mr. Cooper's residence in 68 Bowbazar Street. This was later taken over by the Calcutta Brothers who built a single building in the present location of the school. In 1864, St. Joseph's School became a pay school supporting the free school, the present St George's. The Irish Christian Brothers came to Calcutta in 1890 and took charge of the two schools in Bowbazar. Till the 1960's, St. Joseph's excelled at the national level under the code of European and Anglo Indian education. It was affiliated to the ICSE and ISC Boards in the year 1970. St. Joseph's was the Head Office of the Christian Brothers in India till it was moved to St. Columba's, New Delhi in 1980. In 1994, the Ashirvaad Vidyalaya, a bilingual school for the children of migrant workers, was opened on the St. Joseph's and St George’s campuses.