Regina Mundi, Goa


Luceat Lux Vestra

Let your light Shine

Regina Mundi, Goa

An invitation came from the Chicalim Communidade in 1969 requesting the Brothers to open a school near the monument to Our Lady (Regina Mundi). Br M B Finn first arrived alone in March 1969 and was later joined by two young Brothers, Leonard Lobo and Carmo Noronha. The school started in a makeshift centre with 74 students. The foundation stone for the new school was laid on 16th January 1972. Regina Mundi School was intended to be a community school catering to pupils of Chicalim, Vaddem, Sancoale and Bogmalo, but attracted many others from the neighbouring villages. When grants began to come from the government, a decision was made to turn the primary section into Konkani medium in 1991. As a result some of the better-off children went to English medium schools. Student numbers dropped and hence girls were admitted. Today, Regina Mundi is a Class 10 level co-ed school of 1018 students.