Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong


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Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong

Goethals Memorial School (GMS) is a boarding cum day school and was named after the Jesuit Archbishop of Calcutta, Paul Goethals, who handed over the property to the Brothers. In February 1907, classes started in the building erected by the first Principal, Br. M.S. O'Brien. Goethals attracts students from West Bengal, Bihar, North-east India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. GMS, with its vast campus, has always been famous for football and athletics and boasts of hosting and defeating the Mohun Bagan Club in a football match. They have 3 Olympic Gold medalists (in hockey) among their alumni. The school presently has 345 boarders among its 735 students, with the first batch of Class 11s (ISC) started in 2013. Since 2001, the Edmund Rice Free School project for drop-outs has been educating (NIOS X & XII) and making job-ready (Hospitality) young girls from poor families from the neighbouring villages.